Group GO IDs using innate DAG hierarchy and researcher-provided sections file.

GO Id Information

Manually entering GO Id's

If you want to key in the ID's yourself, the format is GO:1234567. The list can be either 'comma' or 'space' separated.

Using a file

You can save yourself a lot of time by using an existing file. The accepted formats are .txt or .tsv files. If you commonly use another format for your GO ID files, send an email to support for consideration.

Example files:

Each Id on separate line
Space separated Id's
GO:0002376 GO:0002682 GO:0001817
GO:0001816 GO:0034097 GO:0045087
GO:0006954 GO:0002521 GO:0002467
GO:0007229 GO:0050900 GO:0022610
GO:0030155 GO:0007155 GO:0016032
GO:0050792 GO:0098542 GO:0009617
GO:0099531 GO:0042391 GO:0050877
Comma separated Id's
GO:0002376, GO:0002682, GO:0001817,
GO:0001816, GO:0034097, GO:0045087,
GO:0006954, GO:0002521, GO:0002467,
GO:0007229, GO:0050900, GO:0022610,
GO:0030155, GO:0007155, GO:0016032,
GO:0050792, GO:0098542, GO:0009617,
GO:0099531, GO:0042391, GO:0050877


Sections File Information

What is a sections file?

Here will be information about what exactly a sections file is and why you would use one.

How to make a sections file

Step by Step instructions on how to make a sections file

Example File

# GROUP NAME: compare
# SECTION: immune
GO:0001816 # BP    110 L03 D03 DK    cytokine production
GO:0034097 # BP     59 L04 D04 G     response to cytokine
GO:0050900 # BP     57 L02 D06 CDMN  leukocyte migration
# SECTION: adhesion
GO:0022610 # BP    194 L01 D01 P     biological adhesion
GO:0007155 # BP    165 L02 D02 P     cell adhesion
# SECTION: neuro
GO:0099536 # BP     40 L04 D05 CDR   synaptic signaling
GO:0048666 # BP     29 L04 D05 CDF   neuron development
GO:0022008 # BP      3 L05 D05 CDF   neurogenesis
GO:0007409 # BP     23 L06 D08 CDFI  axonogenesis
# SECTION: lipid
GO:0033993 # BP    108 L04 D04 G     response to lipid
GO:0006869 # BP     93 L04 D05 DH    lipid transport
GO:0055088 # BP     10 L05 D05 A     lipid homeostasis
# SECTION: cell cycle
GO:0022403 # BP     46 L02 D02 S     cell cycle phase
GO:0051301 # BP     54 L03 D03 CD    cell division
GO:0007049 # BP     12 L03 D03 CD    cell cycle
# SECTION: Misc.
GO:0040011 # BP    394 L01 D01 N     locomotion
GO:0007610 # BP    219 L01 D01 O     behavior
GO:0006810 # BP  1,639 L03 D03 H     transport
GO:0007568 # BP     17 L03 D03 DF    aging